Heir Education & Preparation

Educating Each Family

Often, trust companies do not take the time, have the patience or realize the benefit of educating their clients and such clients’ families about the basics of trusts and investment  or their personally developed estate plan. ETI knows that education of each family regarding such family’s mission, vision, goals, business and financial affairs is critical to such family’s success, not only as to the family business but as to the family as well.  ETI prides itself on the multiple educational opportunities its offers its families and communities. For example, ETI offers:

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    Introduction to Estate and Trust Planning

    These are classes that any family member may attend.  Our professional and experienced counselors discuss basic estate planning topics that are fundamental to each ETI family and the latest news in relation to government policies and their effects on family wealth;

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    Introduction to Investment

    ETI often invites investment experts to talk about asset type, asset selection, asset allocation and the state of the global and national economies.  Risk management tools are often also discussed.

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    Preparing the Next Generation for the Responsibilities of Ownership

    A class that engages and trains next generation family members to ensure that they, as beneficiaries and future leaders of the family, are prepared for the responsibilities that are associated with the family, the family business and with wealth generally; and

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    Family Meetings

    We meet twice a year at the home of each ETI family in order to discuss the changes that have been made.  These meetings are fundamental to ETI creating a long-term relationship with the next generations to facilitate and improve the transition your legacy.